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Unified: Boxing Club

Unified Boxing Club: More Than Just a Gym - Close-knit community, expert coaches, personalized training for all fitness levels. Reach your goals, find your strength!

July 2023


Unified Boxing Club

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What We Did

We teamed up with Unified Boxing Club to make things easier for their trainers and give them a strong tool to handle their clients' fitness plans. We made a special User Interface just for fitness trainers, making it simple and easy to use.With this interface, trainers can quickly make and organize personalized workout plans.It's designed to be easy to understand and has a strong scheduling system to help them manage time better. Plus, we made sure the system can grow as Unified Boxing Club gets more members,so they can add more features and expand without any hassle.

Technology We Used





What Our Client Say

Unified: Boxing Club

The new trainer interface has made a big difference. Our trainers find it incredibly easy to use and the way it has streamlined the process of creating and managing workout routines. This saves us time and allows us to concentrate on our expertise,helping members reach their fitness targets.

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