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Asset Panda

Asset Panda simplifies asset management with a powerful cloud-based solution. Easily track fixed assets, IT equipment, tools, and more. Customize the platform to fit your needs and create workflows that save time and prevent losses.

July 2014


Asset Panda

Project Showcase

What We Did

We added advanced tools for creating and customizing barcodes, like drag-and-drop editing, text rotation, and choosing images and colors. We made it easy for Asset Panda users to make barcode labels that fit exactly what they need. Our team made it simpler to manage labels overall, so users can edit, organize, and find them easily. Gave attention to both the technical side and user experience to create a strong and easy-to-use barcode system that makes tracking assets smoother for businesses of any size.

Technology We Used






After Effects

What Our Client Say

Asset Panda

The team of professionals at Deeporion is good at what they do and always ready to help during the project. They understood the tricky parts of our barcode needs right away and gave us a solution that was even better than we hoped for.

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