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Coco & More

Coco&More sources high-quality cooking chocolates, cocoa, and professional bakeware, catering to food prep industries worldwide. Based in Belgium, they prioritize quality, offering customized solutions and technical support, valuing strong client relationships.

July 2014



Project Showcase

What We Did

We partnered with Coco&More to improve how they're seen online and make it easier for customers to interact with them. We added features to collect customer reviews, feedback, and ratings, showing how much they care about quality. We probably set up a system to handle and advertise upcoming events, making their bond with customers stronger. Also, we made a simple contact Us form, added Razorpay and CCavenue for safe payments, and fixed any issues with signing in, signing up,or leaving feedback. These improvements make visiting their website smooth and trustworthy for anyone interested in becoming a customer.

Technology We Used



What Our Client Say

Coco & More

The new features your team added have really boosted how well we communicate with customers. The systems for testimonials and feedback let us demonstrate how much we value quality. And with the events section, our clients stay updated about important industry events.

Our Recent Work

The stories of some of our favourite projects, which inspired us to go above and beyond to meet Deeporion-level standards.

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