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NAMI facilitates strategic growth and transformation for MENA businesses through mergers and acquisitions. Our platform connects companies to leverage their strengths and resources effectively. We help businesses navigate complex deals confidently, ensuring mutually beneficial outcomes.

July 2014



Project Showcase

What We Did

We teamed up with NAMI to improve their M&A platform for the MENA region. We made the platform available in Arabic, so Arabic-speaking buyers and sellers can use it easily. We also made the admin panel better, so NAMI's team can manage listings, generate reports whenever they need to, and get useful information from data. By making sure startup APIs work well with the platform, we made sure NAMI has the latest market info. We made it easier for NAMI and its users to talk to each other by connecting the Unifonic SMS gateway, making deals smoother and the whole M&A process more efficient.

Technology We Used






After Effects

What Our Client Say


Deeporion felt like they were part of our team. They listened to us, got what we wanted to achieve, and gave us solutions that went above and beyond what we hoped for.

Our Recent Work

The stories of some of our favourite projects, which inspired us to go above and beyond to meet Deeporion-level standards.

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