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Rasabali Gourmet

Experience the Authentic Flavors of Odisha with Rasabali Gourmet! Order popular Indian sweets, snacks, and meals online, hassle-free. Enjoy diverse and delicious tastes delivered to your door.

July 2014


Rasabali Gourmet

Project Showcase

What We Did

We carefully checked Rasabali Gourmet's online store and fixed ongoing technical problems that were causing trouble. We made sure that email notifications were working properly so customers could stay updated on their orders. Additionally, we improved how banners show up on both the website and mobile app, helping Rasabali Gourmet highlight their special offers and top products more effectively. We made important improvements to key tasks such as keeping track of products in stock, placing orders, and filtering searches. Our careful work ensures that customers can always find what they want, smoothly check out, and track their deliveries without any hassle.

Technology We Used






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What Our Client Say

Rasabali Gourmet

Since teaming up with Deeporion, we've noticed a big boost in how satisfied our customers are. They really like the easier checkout and the precise, current details on our website.

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